David Rudolph’s “Big Picture TV” sculpture, was installed for years near the intersection of Hollywood and Vine, in Los Angeles. It was enjoyed by thousands of people, was used in TV commercials (Ashton Kutcher-GAP) and numerous professional photo shoots. The Big TV is an interactive art installation, loosely based on the “set” for a television talk show. Imagine Jimmy Kimmel or Stephen Colbert doing their show each night from inside a cool concrete television set 10 ft. long, 7 ft. front to back and 9 ft. high (25 ft high including the rabbit ears!)

David’s intention is to provide a contemporary installation that’s all about a creative, interactive experience. He’s a community minded artist who sees his Big TV as a magnet for allowing anyone, whether they’re an art enthusiast or not, to have an interesting interactive, exploratory experience. It’s free to the general public. He wants to inspire human-to-human interaction and communication and give anyone in the community an opportunity to step up, walk into the Big TV, be creative and feel good. Many people will just want to take a selfie, a group photograph, or capture 30 seconds of video in the Big TV.